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Favorite Titanic scenes: “So, you wanna go to a real party?”

Plot Twist: It’s a Gatsby party. 

both ways he ends up dead in the water

and doesn’t get the girl

Or an oscar.

Somehow we always end up here



A 00’s boy band made up of five of me
None of us know how to make music. We have thousands of screaming fans

this is still accurate

a forehead!

yeah idk my forehead is hiding from the world 99% of the time

probably for the better? that’s where I get almost all my pimples is near my hairline

I pulled back my bangs today and thought I looked nice with my forehead uncovered and i’m wondering what I should do with my hair next after this style

I think i’ll make my second attempt at growing it out since I like the idea of bangs I can brush aside or tie back instead of bangs so short that I have no option of what I do with them

I just also really hate the idea of growing my hair out which is my dilemma

But, I don’t want no bangs at all, either. I know i’ve tossed the idea of shaving my head a lot but I think in the end it’s a bad idea unless i’m totally certain since it does take a fair amount of time to grow it back