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The socks I found in the ocean
How on earth do these fit me



based on this


last person to reblog this snail wins

That’s probably the best personal explanation for gender I’ve ever read :) Happy for you!


hsffsjj thank you

I wish it could work for everyone because I feel like I understand myself pretty well now but

a lot of people feel the need to find a label or a name that describes them as a human being which….. isn’t particularly unreasonable

And I think a lot of people will just stick with their assigned gender too because they don’t care what implications “male” or “female” has in regards to them as an individual

and I think that’s pretty cool too

Wow sorry this one was kinda longer but there were more pretty photos in this one that I wanted to make all big and stuff
I thought that tree with the ivy next to the tree with the dead ivy was kinda an unusual thing to see

That’s literally exactly why I say I’m gender fluid. Whatever you think I am, call me that. I don’t care. I’m a human being, and I should not be defined by my biological sex. I should be identified by what I feel. And I feel like I don’t care.

Cool I dig it

And it’s not like “I don’t care” as in apathy it’s just a passiveness like worrying about it simply isn’t worth the hassle or the stress

More hike photos!

Photos from my hike